Wildlife Careers Podcast

The Wildlife Careers Podcast is my free podcast where I talk to people who work with animals and discuss how they got into their wildlife careers! Whether it be a career in wildlife photography, running and owning a zoo or studying marine biology, I sit down with interesting people who are turning their passion for wildlife into a career.

Having combined my passion of Australian Wildlife and Marketing to become my career, I have always been facinated on how other people combine their passions of Wildlife in their life.

In my Wildlife Careers Podcast series I interview people who have managed to make their careers centred around their love for wildlife. If you are looking to work with wildlife as part of your job, then I hope this podcast may provide some value to you!

Australian Conservationist Copywriter

In Episode 1 of the Wildlife Plus Podcast I interview Joel who is a conservationist working with FAME and the creator of Animoz.

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Best Nature Podcasts

My goal with the Wildlife Plus Podcast is to create the best nature podcast that I can. I have a passion for wildlife and marketing so started Wildlife Plus, where I create websites, branding and marketing for wildlife attractions and tourism businesses. Through doing this I have met some amazing people who work with wildlife and I thought that these incredible people deserve to be interviewed to tell their facinating stories on how they got to work in their dream wildlife career.

Wildlife Careers

Through running Wildlife Plus I have met incredible people who are living their dream wildlife careers. The Wildlife Plus Podcast is here to interview people have set up their life to work with Australian Wildlife, I look forward to continue to interview these incredible wildlife heroes.

What is the Wildlife Plus Podcast about?


Interviews with people working with wildlife


What wildlife jobs are there in Australia


How to get a career in wildlife Australia


Stories of wildlife conservation jobs in Australia


Careers in Wildlife Conservation


How to become a wildlife conservationist in Australia


Wildlife Sanctuary Jobs in Australia


Wildlife biologist jobs in Australia

Wildlife jobs

If you’re like me you’ve always wondered about how to get a wildlife conservation job in Australia. Maybe working in wildlife rehabilitation job in Australia or even marine conservation jobs! 

I find these career paths facinating and my podcast ‘The Wildlife Plus Podcast’ is here to interview fantastic people who have wildlife jobs in Brisbane, wildlife jobs in Melbourne and I’ll save some time… wildlife jobs in Australia. Every centimeter of Australia is crawling with wildlife and thousands of people get to call take in the spectacular aussie wildlife show at their job. Let’s sit down and listen to the amazing Australians who work with wildlife as their career!

Best Wildlife Podcasts

I want Wildlife Plus to be one of the best Wildlife Podcasts! If you have any suggestions for people that I should interview then please send me their profile through Instagram! I’m looking for amazing people who work with wildlife and have turned this passion into a career.

Wildlife Podcasts Spotify

The Wildlife Plus Podcast is available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify Podcasts. If you do not have Apple or Spotify it is available to listen to completely free on Google Podcasts.

Wildlife Conservation Jobs Australia

The Wildlife Plus Podcast has interviewed people who have jobs in Wildlife Conservation in Australia. These amazing people have put their passion for wildlife into action and made an incredible impact in the world of conservation. Getting a job in Wildlife Conservation in Australia isn’t easy so I sit down and ask these people how to get a job in Wildlife Conservation!

Wildlife Sanctuary Jobs

Wildlife Sanctuary Jobs in Australia are not an easy career to land! In the Wildlife Plus Podcast I ask people who have landed a wildlife sanctuary job and ask them how to get a job in a wildlife sanctuary, how to get a job in a zoo and how to get a job in a wildlife park.

Wildlife Careers Australia

I have always wanted a wildlife career once I moved to Australia. However, after gaining a skill in graphic design and marketing I went down the advertising path. I decided to niche down and create websites, branding and marketing for wildlife businesses and wildlife individuals. This is why I created the Wildlife Plus Podcast; so I can interview people who do get to work with Australian animals all day!

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