wildlife park website design and marketing service urimbirra

Project | Urimbirra Wildlife Park

Year | On-going

Services  | Branding, website, design, photography, videography

Urimbirra’s Challenge

Urimbirra Wildlife Park is a fantastic wildlife park with native Australian animals in an open-range setting. The park faced two main challenges; the park was in need of a fresh new brand identity, and the park needed to start strategically marketing their attraction. This challenge started by tackling the branding of the wildlife park.

wildlife park website design and marketing service urimbirra

Wildlife Plus has gotten us more customers and created us a solid brand identity. Working with Elliot is a fantastic experience and he understands our goals.

Owner of Urimbirra Wildlife Park

Wildlife Park Marketing Solution

wildlife park website design and marketing service urimbirra

Urimbirra Wildlife Park’s Logo

The first task Adelaide Advertising looked at was redesigning the logo. Urimbirra’s previous logo captured the park well however the logo had too lmany elements going on for it to work when a small size. The logo was also old fashioned and needed modernisation so that at a quick glance you could immediately understood what Urimbirra is all about.

Adelaide Advertising’s redesign of Urimbirra’s logo took the essence of the original logo but modernised it. The greens were taken from the original logo and 3 of the animals; a kangaroo, a parrot and a koala. These 3 animals are the main selling points for the park so it was important that they were front and centre. The green colours symbolise the nature orientated aspect of the park and the text is large, easy to read and conveys the message well.

website design wildlife park before and after

The wildlife park’s previous website

Urimbirra’s previous website had a few flaws that needed to be addressed in the redesign. The first and obvious change was to make it match the new branding. Secondly, the first thing a visitor should see when visiting the website is someone feeding a kangaroo. This is the biggest attraction that the park has and draws in the biggest crowds. The website also needed modernizing, and to be fully responsive. Furthermore, the website was lacking in SEO so when I redid the park’s website I focused a lot on keywords, and completely rewrote every sentence.

wildlife park website design and marketing service urimbirra

The wildlife park’s new website

After creating Urimbirra a new logo design it was time to create a brand new website. The website is designed to quickly inform visitors what Urimbirra is all about. A giant banner on the front page reading “Open-Range Wildlife Park” instantly describes to the user what Urimbirra is, and the fantastic photo shows users what there is to do there. When designing this website I completely started from scratch and set off to design the pages to be modern, full of photos and give users all the information that they need. Their old website had few pages and they all had little to offer, the new pages have all relevant information and are designed with the user in mind.

New pages included; a brand new home page, and dedicated pages about feeding kangaroos, koala experience and snake handling. These activities all draw in crowds so it was important to promote them with their own dedicated page.

The new website was created with the user in mind. Adelaide Advertising found that a proportion of the target market found that Victor Harbor was a long drive for just a wildlife park. To tackle this issue we created a page that has a selection of curated day-trips for travellers planning on spending the day in Victor Harbor. A list of different itineraries was created with custom icons and an easy to follow day-trip.

wildlife park website design and marketing service urimbirra

New Wildlife Park Map

Urimbirra was in need of a new map design to go along with their new branding. The map was simplified, had the new design scheme, new logo and was all about making it easy for the map-holder. The map also has clear times for the koala patting and snake handling and it promotes the Instagram account.

wildlife park website design and marketing service urimbirra
wildlife park website design and marketing service urimbirra
wildlife park website design and marketing service urimbirra

Wildlife Park Banners

Urimbirra now had a beautiful new online design but it was time to bring this new design into the park. New banners were made. Roadside banners were placed on Victor Harbor Road as it has the most traffic in the Victor Harbor area. These advertised Urimbirra’s biggest selling points; feeding kangaroos and patting koalas.

Stand up banners were also placed at the entrance of Urimbirra Wildlife Park so that potential-customers who have pulled into the parking lot to have a look at the park will get a quick understanding of what the park has to offer. These were made to convert the people who were ‘on the fence’ into paying customers.

social media strategy urumbirra wildlife park marketing advertising

Wildlife Park’s Social Media

Urimbirra Wildlife Park were on social media but were underutilising it. Adelaide Advertising helped give them a clear target market and grow their follow numbers. They now have a beautiful profile on Facebook and Instagram and have fantastic customer engagement with all photos being posted on Instagram being reposts from park visitors who have posted photos to their accounts!