Baird Bay Ocean Eco Experience Cinematic Advert

Baird Bay Ocean Eco Experience were in need of a new video for website. The advert was to be cinematic and not have any voice over or talking heads, to allow for a great viewing experience for international viewers too.

The video was to showcase the experience of swimming with the wild sealions. Dramatic, powerful and really show the expressions and personalities of these wild animals; all in a 2 minute video.

Baird Bay Advert Testimonial

Mate, that piece you made is bloody marvellous, if it was on the big screen you’d get an Oscar for it, bloody excellent. Would be good if you can put it up on the site”

– Owner of Baird Bay Ocean Eco Experience

Baird Bay Sealion Tour Advert Summary

This project was an absolute blast to work on. I had previously worked with Baird Bay Ocean Eco Experience on their branding and website, so to create their new advert was a dream. We were out in the water for many hours and I had over 4 hours of footage to go through, edit and cut down to a compelling 2 minute video that would work as a centerpeice showcasing the famous sealion tours.