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Through branding, website development & refinement and outstanding marketing; Wildlife.Plus is out to help the Wildlife-focused attractions of Australia grow. With a passion for wildlife, tourism and growing fantastic businesses this is my calling. My name is Elliot Vagner and I run Wildlife.Plus 

I want to help your business grow but not change who you are. Clever marketing, tactical advertising and modern design are the front of what I do and I hope to get more customers through your doors.

First Project Free

No strings attached


Wildlife Plus is so sure that you will want to keep working with us that we offer First Project Free. Think of it like a trial, Target’s changing rooms or a test-drive of that Honda you like. There’s no cost and Wildlife Plus will create your first project with you.
Brochure design, banner design, first page of a website, 1 week of social media marketing, even your Wildlife Park’s logo. You tell me. Test it out. No contract, just free branding, website or marketing work.

Wildlife Park Rebranding

Wildlife Plus has worked with Wildlife Parks before and helped their businesses. Whether small asks or complete park rebranding we do it all. With not only industry knowledge but a passion that beats any odd agency, Wildlife Plus can make genuine impact.

Wildlife Plus is the marketing manager for Urimbirra Wildlife Park. That means I do social media, digital marketing, print marketing, signage, promo, PR, video, and whatever they need. No lock in contract and hourly-charged work. It’s a great deal for Wildlife Parks as its super flexible for the park but also means they have constant certainty their brand is being taken care of online and in all promotional material and outreaches.

Marketing Manager Service

Wildlife Plus is the Marketing Manager for the following animal-based tourism attractions

Urimbirra Wildlife Park

Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park

Penneshaw Penguin Centre

Big or Small Wildlife Attractions

Size doesn’t matter


Whether you’re Australia’s biggest zoo or a family owned stick-insect only park; I want to talk. I really do love working with wildlife parks and tourist attractions and helping them grow the business. And not to brag but the parks I work with think I’m quite good at it. Call or email me for a no-strings chat about what you might need.

Marketing Manager

The Ultimate Service


Having a full time marketing manager of your wildlife park is expensive as you pay for having a full time employee. With Wildlife Plus it’s different. You only pay the hours I work, and you set the hours you want, and you choose the projects. It’s cheaper and just as effective. Plus, having Wildlife Plus as a marketing manager means you have someone 24/7 looking after your brand online. I also generate ideas on how to grow the business such as promotional material, redesigns in your park and socials, online campaigns, website conversion tactics and more. This is a fantastic opportunity for wildlife parks and simply giving the title Marketing Manager to Wildlife Plus grants you all work at a discounted rate. Seems tempting? Slightly Interested? Give me a call or email me.

Attraction Logo Design

Every great attraction needs a great and attracting logo. Your logo is the first thing that people visiting the park see, the first thing they see on your website, on your social media and on everything you do. Your logo describes who you are, why you are special and defines your entire business. Having an impact, meaningful and modern logo is so incredibly important. If you’ve got a logo that you think might need changing, then why not make it your First Project Free. We’ll design it completely free, there’s no catch. I’m just so sure that you’ll love the work and the process that we’ll keep working together. So, try it out.


Graphic Design for your Attraction

If you are a wildlife park who wants to grow, the chances are you’ll need graphic design. Marketing collateral, website elements, social media posts, banners, fence wraps, animal signs, animal fact signs, front-park signage… The list goes on. Graphic design is incredibly important and great graphic design will make customers experiencing the attraction think the place looks great and fall even more in love with it, but it will also help convince potential-customers to get into the park. Great design makes a bigger impact than you’d think. Why not test it out? Got a design project in mind? Maybe a brochure you need, maybe an animal-sign needs creating? First design is free with Wildlife Plus’ First Project Free deal. It’s quite insane and the deal might not last long, so test it out for yourself.

Park Map Design

Every wildlife park or attraction that lets visitors walk around freely should ideally have a map design. This is a key part of ensuring the visitors have a enriching experience at your attraction. Through fluid and simple design, I will ensure your map looks great and offers the customer all the necessary information to guide them through your park. Modern design that is in key with your brand will help customers with navigation and enable them to find more of what your amazing attraction has to offer.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is a crucial element to every single tourist attraction. It is a must nowadays and can dramatically help with the promotion of your attraction and enhance the experience for visitors by providing insights to what they should expect. It is important to know which social media’s to be on, how to target your audience, how to connect with your followers and what content to push in order to satisfy your customer base. Luckily for you, I offer the first project free. So get 1 whole week free social media marketing with me, no lock in contract, no strings, and see the effect that a great online presence can have.

Website Development

Your website is your most important asset to getting new customers. Your website needs to be modern, user friendly, aligned with your branding, intuitive and offer all the necessary information a potential-customer may need. For wildlife-parks, eco-experiences and more it is great to offer a booking system with online payment to ensure customers feel encouraged to visit your attraction. Location, about you, photos, what to pack, what you offer, your best attractions, itineraries and more all combine to create a useful website that will draw more customers. Powerful search-engine-optimisation techniques will also work to getting more people to find out about your offerings.

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