Wildlife Plus Services

Wildlife Plus works with wildlife-based attractions and tourism businesses to create fantastic online presences, modern branding and engaging content. See below my prices and Wildlife Plus’ services. 

Casual Work


Max 10 hours weekly

Starter Pack

8 hours a week at $50h

$400 per month

Marketing Retainer

2.5 hours a week at $50h

$500 per month

Marketing Coordinator

6 hours a week at $40h

$960 per month

Wildlife Plus Services

✍️ Blog Articles

👓 SEO on your website

🤘 Social Media Content

👏 Newsletters

📝 Copywriting

📑 Graphic Design

📷 Photography

🎥 Videography

🐻 Editing photos

📄 Marketing Reports

📲 Digital Marketing

🤯 Creating unique content

Marketing Services for Tourism

Tourism Website Design

Wildlife Plus has created websites for dozens of wildlife-based attractions and tourism companies. My websites specialise in SEO (search engine optimisation) so that you will rank high up on specific search terms. For example, I come up first on Google when you search for “wildlife park marketing” as Wildlife Parks are a target audience I want to work with! 

Tourism SEO

If you already have a website I can still help with SEO. I can scan your website and see how you can improve in order to perform better on Google. After discussing your target audience I can work on rewording your website, reworking the images and using my SEO tools to help you grow your website, resulting in more paying customers!

Zoo Social Media

I create engaging and unique social media content that will be great for your zoo, wildlife attraction or tourism business. Having worked as a Graphic Designer I know I can create great look work, and my experience in photography and videography will ensure you get high-quality social media content purposfully targeting your audience.

Copywriting for Tourism

Two of my passions are tourism and copywriting so I am so grateful that I get to write for dozens of tourism businesses. Having written for wildlife parks, tourism parks, camping and accommodation companies, tourism events and businesses looking to target travellers; I have an expertise in writing for the tourism industry.

Graphic Design Services

I have worked as a Graphic Designer for many years and would absolutely love to help your wildlife or tourism business with your design needs. From poster design, ID cards, business cards, brochure design, safety signage, park signage and literally any print or digital material you could need for your wildlife-based business or tourism company.

Newsletters for Tourism

I use MailChimp to create engaging Newsletters for wildlife parks and tourism businesses. Newsletters are a fantastic marketing tool for these industries because people genuinely want to see photos of cute animals and amazing scenery! Wildlife Parks and Australian Tourism is perfect for EDM and I love writing it!

Tourism Marketing Mix

The Marketing Mix is made up of Product, Price, Place & Promotion. When running a tourism business or wildlife park it is crucial to think about your positioning in these areas. Price is determined by your operating cost, profit margin and intermediaries. The Place is where you are located, if it looks nice, if it is accessible and so forth. Product is your service or location that you are selling, it’s the experience that you are selling to people. Lastly is Promotion; this is where Wildlife Plus comes in. I can help your tourism business get more vistors! Let’s have a chat and I’ll see how I can help out.

Tourism Marketing Strategies

Wildlife Plus offers strategy consultation for Wildlife Parks, Zoos, Wildlife-based attractions, Tourism businesses and outdoor activities. Having worked with dozens of Australian businesses in these industries I have an expertise on how to sell these experiences to the Australian audience and overseas visitors. Whether it be fixing your website’s SEO, altering your branding to better target your audience or find new channels of advertising; I will work hard to ensure we get your tourism attraction in front of more potential customers.

Websites for Wildlife Parks

Having created websites for multiple willdife parks such as Urimbirra Wildlife Park, Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park and many more. Almost anyone can make a website nowadays, but I specialise in making websites that perform well on Google. I use SEO tools and programs to understand your target audience, what they are searching for and create a website that converts them to paying customers. As an example, I know that my audience (Wildlife Parks and Zoos) search for “Wildlife Marketing” so this website uses these terms to ensure I rank high on Google. I’d love to help your Wildlife Park by creating a strategic website that attracts your target audience and converts them to paying customers.

Website Design for Zoos

Wildlife Plus specialises in making websites for Wildlife Parks and Zoos. Having created for zoos across Australia including Maru Koala, outside of Melbourne, I know that I can create a website that performs well. Creating Zoo websites is a very niche skill that allows me to work very strategically with zoos, wildlife parks and tourism attractions to create websites that perform well. I use SEO tactics that focus on getting you to rank high on Google. SEO is the cheapest and best form of marketing in my opinion, because people searching for “zoo in my area” are actively trying to find a zoo! This audience is wanting to buy tickets, so let’s make it as easy as possible to find your zoo online.

Booking system for Zoos

Almost every wildlife attraction or tourism business that I work with have a booking system. I work with a booking system company to create completely custom booking systems for your zoo, wildlife park or tourism attraction. The best thing about this Booking System is that it is only $1 extra for the customer, and does not cost you a penny! I cannot recommend it enough and I’ll help you set this up when creating your website. 

How to get more zoo visitors

Wildlife Plus specialise in helping zoos, wildlife parks and tourism attractions with getting more visitors. I have worked with dozens of companies in these industries and have found an expertise in getting more visitors to zoos. Marketing tactics, website strategies, social media outreach and other methods. I would love to have a chat with you and discuss how I can help get more visitors to your zoo!

Wildlife Conservation Writer

Wildlife Plus offers copywriting services for wildlife conservation organisations, wildlife parks and zoos, tourism attractions and tourism organisations. My writing is engaging and fun with a focus on converting people to take action! I have a passion for wildlife and writing so of course I’m going to be a Wildlife Conservation Writer!

Tourism Business Ideas

I have worked with many tourism businesses and if you have a tourism business or wildlife-based business or organisation that you are starting then I would love to help! Working with Wildlife Plus means you don’t get a generic marketing person but someone who understands the tourism and wildlife industry (and has a passion for this very particular niche!)

Tourism Business Plan

If you are setting up a tourism business then I would love to help you create a tourism business plan. Having worked with dozens of businesses in the tourism industry I have experience in creating wildlife/tourism businesses that get paying customers or donators. I have also helped many exisiting tourim businesses restrategise their business to get more visitors and have more potential customers discover their experience / service.

Tourism Australia

Wildlife Plus specialises in the Tourism industry in Australia, having worked with many wildlife attractions and tourism businesses I know that I can help your Australian tourism business. From website design, creative content, graphic design, rebranding and strategy sessions I offer a range of services aimed at helping you grow your tourism business. I would love to have a chat to see how I can help your tourism business in Australia!