Tourism Marketing Retainer

I offer Retainer options for my wildlife and tourism clients, aimed at making my prices more affordable and allowing for more strategic marketing plans. I work with handful of selected wildlife and tourism businesses by creating blog posts, offering graphic design services, creating newsletters, videography & photography, creating website and marketing reports, along with other services the business may need.

Call me to see if I could help your wildlife or tourism-based business with weekly retainer work to become your part-time outsourced marketing coordinator.

Wildlife Plus Retainer Services

Whatever package you choose will not affect the services that I can help you with. The only thing affected is the amount of dedicated hours I spend per week on your business. Obviously, the more hours the more I can help you grow! Here are some of the services that I offer.

✍️ Blog Articles

I have written hundreds of articles and they perform extremely well. I specialise in SEO, which looks at creating blogs that perform well on Google (so more people can find your business. My articles have combined over 100,000 views, so let’s get even more!

👓 SEO on your website

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) looks at ranking well on Google. If someone searches for “Wildlife Park in X” do you come up? “Things to do in X”, do you come up? People searching for these topics are ideal to target to grow your business, and I specialise in converting them to customers.

🤘 Social Media Content

Having worked with many Advertising Agencies and worked with creating content for my personal brand and dozens of businesses, I am an expert in creating engaging and creative content, on low budgets and tight deadlines.

👏 Newsletters

I use MailChimp and create engaging and unique Newsletters. I understand the wildlife and tourism industry and can help your business get customers to revisit by utilising the power of newsletters.

📝 Copywriting

I write content for businesses every single week and I specialise in writing text that is engaging to read that performs well on Google (using SEO strategies). I can help you write for online content or any space it is needed.

📑 Graphic Design

Having worked as a Graphic Designer for many years and running a Graphic Design service in Adelaide, I know that I can create fantastic designs for your business. From business cards to park signage to trifold brochures.

📷 Photography

I have a passion for wildlife photography and I have done multiple photoshoots for wildlife parks, tourism attractions and tourism-based events. I love working with animals and have even done photoshoots known as “nightmare shoots” that involve animals and children!?!

🎥 Videography

I love creating videos and can film engaging content for your wildlife attraction or tourism business. I edit videos literally every day and have worked with very large brands on video content.

🐻 Editing photos & videos

If you shoot your own videos or have photography you would like edited I can edit videos (Adobe Premiere) and edit photos (Lightroom & Photoshop). I’m often asked to remove objects or people or edit short videos for social media use.

📄 Marketing Reports

With access to your website I can set up analytics to create in-depth reports that will show how to grow the business. Seeing the areas that need improvement and creating strategies on how to find new customers.

📲 Digital Marketing

I have paid for a number of tools that see how many people search for certain phrases on Google. This can help us find new customers with strategic digital marketing tactics! I love this marketing strategy as it is the cheapest form of research and very accurate.

🤯 Creating unique content

My passions are wildlife, tourism and website design, graphic design and creating content. I started Wildlife Plus so my career can be working with these two passions! I know that I can create super unique and creative content that your audience will love.

Wildlife Plus on Retainer will help your business by


Grow your wildlife tourism business


Taking marketing off of your busy list


Creating a cohesive brand


Get you more consistent customers


Build your online presence


Having a one-stop-shop for marketing

Easily delegate tasks to Wildlife Plus


Have great new content created consistenly

Contact Wildlife Plus for Tourism Marketing

We would love to hear about your business and if we can help with any tourism branding, tourism website, organic SEO, videography, graphic design or any tourism marketing services you may need!