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Dec 2, 2021 | Wildlife Business Tips

🦁 Get quality reviews

Google values reviews very highly and the more reviews you have, the higher you will rank on Google! Could you offer an incentive to get people to leave a review? Maybe free animal feed at your Wildlife Park? Maybe a competition where a winner get’s free entry tickets? Be as creative as possible but a small incentive will go a long way.


🦓 Add photos to your account

If people click on your Google My Business Account it is important to add some photos. Honestly, you do not need many. Maybe 5 to 10 photos should be enough! This just makes the business look more appealing and potential customers will get an instant understanding of what your offerings are. I recommend using really professional photos as these photos could be the first impression these people have of your business, so it better be a good impression!


🐮 Include a phone number and website

People who are searching for your business specifically might be looking to contact you. It’s important to make this as easy as possible. The more difficult it is for them to find a way to contact you, the angrier they could potentially be by the time they’ve reached you. Keep ‘friction’ as it’s called as minimal as possible, everything should be easy for your customers and target audience.

Need help making a Google My Business account? It is quite easy but if you want an expert to do it (that would be me) or you do not have the time to, then I would love to help 😃