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Tips for Wildlife Photography

Dec 2, 2021 | Wildlife Business Tips

I absolutely love wildlife photography and even schedule specific weekend trips just to go and take wildlife photos! Here are a few tips that I’ve learnt over the years in capturing the best photos of animals either in the wild or at a wildlife-based business.


🐫 Get foreground for depth

Use the lowest aperture that your camera can in order to get a really shallow depth of field. This basically means that the animal will be in focus and the background will be blurry. This brings a big level of professionalism to your photo and gives so much more detail to whatever you have in focus.


👁️ Include the eyes

Eyes are crucial to include in your wildlife photography. The eyes are the window to the soul as they say and having the animal’s eyes in the photo makes the audience connect with the animal much much more. You can see the emotion of the animal and even personality! Having a strong focus on the animal’s eye has honestly bettered my wildlife photography tenfold.


🦧 Angles, angles, angles

Using interesting angles will make people engage in your photography so much more! Taking a photo of a snake? Instead of doing a birds eye-view maybe place the camera in the grass? Taking a photo of a seal? Maybe try and get a selfie, or a photo from the oceanfloor with the seal above or maybe a photo of the seals lying in a funny position on the beach. The more interesting angles, the more exciting the content is to consume.

If you would like a professional wildlife photographer to help you capture your wildlife attraction’s best angles and moments then I’d love to help out! Please contact me and ask about my wildlife photography services. If you’re looking to take these projects under your own arm then I hope these quick tips have helped you out!