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Tips for Wildlife Attraction’s Websites

Oct 25, 2021 | Wildlife Business Tips

🦘 Understand your target audience

A lot of wildlife attraction websites I see haven’t spent time understanding their target audience. If your target audience is made up of a lot of international visitors then use easy-to-understand English. No fancy words! That would be undoubtedly preposterous! If your target audience is young families then use photos of young families and not just close up shots of your wildlife. Take time to think about your target audience or look through your data (if you have it) to understand who should you be selling to?


🐧 Keywords on your website

Keywords has a huge impact on SEO (search engine optimization) which impacts how high up you will rank on Google. The higher you rank on Google for search on important search terms the more potential customers you will have. I’ll use myself as an example!

I use keywords on my website such as “Zoo wildlife marketing” because I know that zoos and wildlife parks searching for this. Now I’m being found by zoos (which is my target audience). So what are your customers searching for? I can help you find out! I use multiple tools to search the internet for what your target audience are actually Googling. If you want to do it yourself, ask your customers at the door!


🐞 Website loading speed

Speaking of SEO, if your website takes long to load then Google will not rank you high up on Google. This sucks! To make sure your website is loading quickly then make sure your images are not too big. No point in having an image that is 6000px wide when it is only 300px on your website. There are plenty more of plugins that I use to make your website load faster but honestly the most common culprit is overly large images.


I hope these tips and tricks were useful! Look forward to the next email where you’ll get even more advice. If you’re enjoying it, maybe just hit ‘reply’ on this email and say hi! If not, have a lovely week 😊