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Flinders Ranges Trip Highlights

Dec 2, 2021 | Wildlife Business Tips

I have an absolute passion for travelling Australia and surrounding myself in the beautiful habitats, landscape and wildlife on offer. I recently went to Ikara-Flinders Ranges on a trip to explore this beautiful South Australian National Park. Here are a few highlights of my trip;


🌳 Walking amongst 30 wild emus

One of my absolute favourite moments of the trip and possibly this year was getting to walk amongst 30 wild emus! I had just spotted 10 wild emus walking towards me and my partner. I whipped out the camera and started filming. We decided to follow these emus and after a few minutes they met up with another group of 20! Now we were in the plains of Ikara-Flinders Ranges walking with these giant dinosaur looking creatures. It was absolutely mesmorising.


✈️ Scenic flight over Wilpena Pound

We woke up early and got to the airstrip an hour before takeoff (I like being on time a little too much sometimes). We watched the sunrise and took a short stroll as we mustered up the courage to face our fear of heights! The plane was tiny, I could reach the front window and back window with my arms stretched out. There was 5 of us (including the pilot) and we took off from the short airstrip. The views of Wilpena Pound were incredible! We flew for 20 minutes as the pilot told us Dreamtime stories and the history of the land. It was truely unforgettable.


🦘 Brachina Gorge’s Yellow-footed Rock Wallabies

I have a bit of a passion for Australian wildlife (if that wasn’t obvious enough) so after the Scenic Flight I asked the pilot for any must-visit recommendations of Ikara Flinders Ranges. He said Brachina Gorge has this certain spot for Yellow-footed Rock Wallabies where if you sit there for 20 minutes; you’re bound to see one. We drove into the gorge through the streams and rocky overhangs and he was absolutely right! After only a few minutes we started seeing these beautiful animals. They’ve been on my must-see list for years so it was so great to see so many and so close!