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3 Tips for Wildlife Attraction’s Instagram

Oct 25, 2021 | Wildlife Business Tips

📸 Tell a story through images

Tell an interesting story through your images. A cute photo of a panda is great and you’ll most likely get some likes (who doesn’t love a Panda?) but giving the photo some context and a story behind it will make the post more engaging.

What is the Panda doing? What’s her name? Did she do something funny today? Did a visitor ask a strange question that could be fun to share? The more we get to know about your wildlife the more potential customers and Instagram fans will care about not just Panda’s in general, but your Pandas. This advice is not only useful for Pandas but also Penguins, Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoos and pretty much every animal on the planet.


🐫 Plan your content

Instagram’s algorithm loves when you post regularly. However, it can be difficult to run a wildlife attraction and keep up with posting on Instagram regularly. I recommend sitting down for a few hours a week to pre-plan your posts, or outsource the work to a professional (hi 👋). Instagram might seem like an after-thought but honestly it’s one of the most important marketing tools you have. It’s free (if you’re not paying for ads) and the best thing about a wildlife business over 99% of other businesses is that people genuinely want to see your posts!

Think about it, why would I want to follow a local plumbing business on Instagram? Following a wildlife-focused Instagram account is fun because they’ll see photos of cute animals. It’s an easy-convince for Instagram users as long as you have quality photos.


✨ Quality photography

Speaking of having quality photos, I recommend having quality photos. This might seem obvious but far too often I see wildlife attractions with poor photography. If you do not have the skills in-house to take fantastic photos then outsource it (hi again 👋), if not then upskill yourself and learn off of free tutorials on YouTube. A cute cuddly koala can look terrifying with the wrong lens! Make sure your photos are high-resolution when you upload the photo (ideally 1500 x 1500 pixels) and it follows basic photography rules such as the rule of thirds and so forth.